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06 April 2017


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10 November 2016

Stunning Posters

It's not just the metals that are precious... Marenthe has relished the process of collaborating with Silversmith Chris van Grinsven. Design, concept and text grew simultaneously, each influencing the other. Marenthe and Chris live the poster's message and invite you to too (2015).


Blaffer in street slang means gun. It also translates as 'a person that barks'. Schoon is beautiful. A gutsy self-initiated award winning project that demonstrates Marenthe's ability to work confidently with fonts.

• Published in Area 2 (Phaidon Press 2008)

• Shortlisted Type Directors Club Tokyo (2008) 

• International poster exhibition Shanghai (2010)

• Included in the collection of the 'Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam'

Wherever you are in the world... Let Marenthe take your hand and lovingly lead you into her wonderful world of intrigue, graphic and illustrative design. 
Marenthe wishes you a sublime 2012. May your year be full of quirky characters and colourful surprises.
Poster 1 in a series of 10.

Breaking news! Marenthe's 'LoveMe' poster has been selected to appear at the prestigious House of Images exhibition in Brussels, Belgium (2013: 24th April - 31st July).  


The Way of Type 2017 began in March 2017 at the Beijing Advertising Museum. The exhibition will travel during the coming months to 5 Chinese cities, including Shanghai. It features two of my works, including Love Me (made in collaboration with silversmith Christian van Grinsven). The exhibition is organized by Zhao Liu (Head of the China Central Academy of Fine Arts) with typographer Jan Middendorp from Berlin as curator.

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