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Here's some jaw-dropping news!

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06 April 2017


What an incredible journey, I made it! I am the winner o...

10 November 2016

Global Talent Search 2016



First of all, I want to tell you how extremely happy and lucky I feel.

Wanna know why?

Well… here’s the BIG news:

Going on an adventure with Lilla Rogers first crossed my mind in January 2016. And after that, nothing could stop me (I always wanted to be Macgyver).

Then in July I decided to enter Lilla Rogers’ Global Talent Search. I had become a big fan of this agency and, yep, I took the plunge.

After three rounds (we started with 1,000 artists) and a lots of caffeine-loaded days (and nights) the moment of truth arrived: I won. I was one out of thousand. I cried tears of joy and my horizons began to glow. Lilla Rogers was going to be my agent.

Boy, am I proud, Hooray!!!


Ok. Good. There’s more to come. I just finished the second assignment.

We had to illustrate a bookcover for desserts. Chocolate cake makes me instantly happy. Drawing chocolate cake even more.

The public gallery is now OPEN!

And here you can see and vote for my illustration.

The overall winner will be represented by Lilla Rogers Studio and win a host of licensing deals. AHH!!!


Everyone wants to be a designer or an artist or whatever. Because it’s the coolest job in the world. That’s why it’s so competitive. Anyhow, I decided to enter the Global Talent Search in the USA (the annual competition to find the next top artist for Lilla Rogers Studio to represent).

And here’s the big news. I’m in the TOP 50 (out of almost 1000 entrants)!

YEP, I made it through to Round 2, the semi-final.

For the first assignment we had to design and illustrate a teacup, a saucer and a napkin.

Did you know a cup of tea cures all manner of ailments? All you need to make it is paint, water, a really nice brush and patience. The relaxation effect is almost immediate, and may be addictive…:-)