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06 April 2017


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10 November 2016


Love is for life, not just for Valentine's. Peel open a MoodieZ magazine and you'll find two very special cards waiting for heartfelt messages and the lick and stick of a stamp. Savour every curl of your handwriting. Relish every word. Send them to your lover, friend, sister, brother. Or be bold and play secret admirer. Shhh... Marenthe won't tell.

Marenthe's 12 double-page spreads in Moodiez, the innovative mind-style mag for Dutch youth (launched April 2013), include a description of each astrological sign... read yours to see if you're in sync with the stars.

MoodieZ summoned the power and asked Marenthe to capture it in print. Depicting a series of positive and strong images of women, the Greek Goddesses lure the viewer into their mystical world. Marenthe fondly recalled Greek lessons at school and decided to incorporate Greek letters into her designs.