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06 April 2017


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10 November 2016

Flow magazine

Close your eyes. No! Wait! Read this first, then close your eyes, sit and relax. If you’re stuck, have a peek at my illustration in Flow Magazine nr. 6 for guidance.

Keen as a been

All science begins as philosophy and ends as art. Looking through philosophy books, it might sometimes seem like men have dominated the field.
But did you know of these brilliant female philosophers? They might bring a little magic and whimsy into your day. I have made 6 portraits for FLOW magazine – I hope they’ll spark some awesomeness in you too.

Marenthe is delighted to work for Flow Magazine again. They asked her to combine typography with botanical illustration. Marenthe jumped for joy. Flow is a cool client.


"Your network is your safety net and your trampoline."

Marenthe's creative wisdom and sense of fun are taken seriously at Flow. She guides their readership towards a more fulfilled life, challenging their thinking and inspiring change.

Since suggesting she could bring fun, creativity and recreation to Flow, the Netherland's first 'me-time' magazine, Marenthe has become a regular contributor with a dedicated page in this bimonthly magazine. The magazine's quirkiness is reflected in Marenthe's work and she has earned many fans and followers through this relationship.

An image from Marenthe's greetings card brand, POPJE.COM, was featured on the magazine's cover in October 2010.