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10 November 2016

Ryam Succes Agenda

Luxury stationary giant SRT International B.V. first commissioned Marenthe in 2011 to design diary covers for their Succes, Ryam and NewMe ranges. Continue reading to discover what inspired the company to embark on a design relationship with Yours Truly.

What sort of designer do you look for when commissioning?

For our Succes leather range, we use renowned, preferably Dutch, designers to upgrade the collection we create in-house. NewMe has a younger audience so we predominantly use new and upcoming young designers for this collection and occasionally well-known designers with whom our target groups identify.

Why Marenthe?

Marenthe is, of course, famous for her work with Flow and the magazine is very popular with our target group. Besides this, Marenthe’s style is unique and is very beautiful. When you see work from Marenthe, you know it is hers; her designs have her ‘signature’. They are sweet, feminine and she uses interesting colour combinations.

Are your designer ranges popular?

Yes… In recent years we’ve seen sales of our designer collection rise. Marenthe’s designs are well-liked – customers are really enthusiastic about them!

Who’s buying these beautiful diaries?

The colourful designs Marenthe has created for NewMe appeal mostly to young women aged 20-40; students and young professionals. Succes has a slightly more mature market.

What does Succes Agenda hope to achieve with these collections?

We hope to add uniqueness to our range; something really contemporary using designs that people recognise and can relate to. And of course we hope they sell well!

Back in 2012/13, with the economic crisis raging, Succes Agenda saw the value in Marenthe's lighthearted, frivolous and fun designs. Marenthe's collaboration with Succes Agenda to produce a series of diaries was, well, so... successful, they commissioned new ranges for 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016.