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06 April 2017


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10 November 2016

Love Stamp

What is love?
This age-old question; pondered by many, answered by few. Marenthe often wonders about love. When asked by Post NL to re-imagine the love stamp, Marenthe began searching and asking once more. Her answer? Love is: contained in this tiny stamp; in it’s creation, in it’s design, in your reason for sending it, in the recipient's smile.

…coming from
the heart. Marenthe did not take on this task lightly. The responsibility of summing up love for a nation in such a tiny space is, well, huge! Inspired by the simplicity, fun and dots of Lichtenstein’s Pop Art, Marenthe set about joyfully sketching and kept returning to the heart - the single most recognisable symbol for love.
Where it’s at.
The result? At first glance, the love stamp may seem like a simple image. Contained within in it, however, are layers of meaning. Red represents passion, the fire and warmth of love. Sky blue floats you to walk with your head in the clouds. Romance is oh so pink. Love is about contrasts.
The heart within the heart, Marenthe's symbol for stolen or lost love, sits proudly where the human heart would offering hope and comfort. The playful dots move and jump, collide, connect and communicate. They buzz with the random of love.