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06 April 2017


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10 November 2016

Birth stamp

New Arrival!
Date: Monday 2nd March 2015
Time: 12.01 am
Weight: Super light
Length: 25,3 mm

All hail Marenthe’s striking new Birth stamp for Post NL! It appears in post offices and shops across the nation today (Monday 2nd March 2015). Bold in its simplicity, eye catching and complete.

After 18 years, the current Birth stamp – the well-known ‘stork’ – has been replaced by a bright, colourful design with recognisable baby objects by Marenthe Otten.

Launched at Amsterdam’s popular ‘Nine Months Fair’ for mums-to-be, singer Jim Bakkum, Marenthe and Post NL unveiled the stamp.

Marenthe began the process with a series of sketches presented to Post NL to establish the direction of the project and the stamp’s personality. It needed to appeal to a mass audience and be suitable for new baby girls, boys and twins. Culling the initial 30 icons to just 9 was “an exciting process”. Post NL is an engaged and enthusiastic client. Marenthe was given creative freedom and produced a strong yet neutral image full of colour, movement and fun.

This is not the first time Marenthe and Post NL have collaborated. Marenthe’s fabulous fungi stamp series decorated envelopes for a while, as did her characterful pigeon.