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Marenthe’s TEN eye-catching stamps, d...

06 April 2017


What an incredible journey, I made it! I am the winner o...

10 November 2016

'Revelation' has taken on a new form. 01 November 2013

Pull out and keep this beautiful poster to remind you of all that is right with the world. Seek truth, beauty, reality. Be connected... get your very own 'Revelation' poster in MoodieZ.

Succes Agenda 2014 18 October 2013

Back in 2012/13, with the economic crisis raging, Succes Agenda saw the value in Marenthe's lighthearted, frivolous and fun designs. Marenthe's collaboration with Succes Agenda to produce a series of diaries was, well, so... successful, they commissioned a new range for 2013/14.

Roadmap 20 September 2013

This colourful journey, which travels through life's ups and downs, is full of useful sign posts and is accompanied by a guide (just in case you've become too reliant on your SatNav!). At scary yet exciting intersections, Marenthe's poster and Geertje Couwenbergh's text urge you to 'Pay attention. Observe what's happening. Move on.' and to let go of 'The road not taken'.

Revelation 20 September 2013

It's not just the metals that are precious... Marenthe has relished the process of collaborating with Silversmith Chris van Grinsven. Design, concept and text grew simultaneously, each influencing the other. Marenthe and Chris live the poster's message and invite you to too.

Children's Book Museum The hague 20 September 2013

Marenthe's recent commission by the Children's Book Museum publicised their summer workshop with three famous illustrators. Marenthe's versatile design was adapted for the website, Facebook, a poster and the press.  

Moodiez 05 April 2013

Moodiez, the innovative mind-style mag for Dutch youth, this month features Marenthe's 12 stunning horoscope images. Pick up a copy and reach for the stars!

In stores now... 26 March 2013

Marenthe was commissioned to reinforce messages of chic parenting for the magazine KEK MAMA. Now's your chance to get the latest KEK.... go for it.

Exhibition! 21 March 2013

Breaking news! Marenthe's 'LoveMe' poster has been selected to appear at the prestigious House of Images exhibition in Brussels, Belgium (24th April - 31st July). 

Take a look here!

Praatjes en Plaatjes 21 March 2013

Embrace this beautiful booklet! Out now and for sale: Ouders van Nu / Het Peuter Praatjes & Plaatjes bewaarboek.

Love is (still) in the air... 28 February 2013

Marenthe has been super busy (opening so many, many Valentine's cards as well as designing this beauty for Roger La Borde) - hence the quiet gap. But just because February's over, doesn't mean you have to stop loving...