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Marenthe Otten

illustration | design | art

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Lilla Rogers Studio


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Marenthe’s TEN eye-catching stamps, d...

06 April 2017


What an incredible journey, I made it! I am the winner o...

10 November 2016


A love affair

Those moments where lettering and image click give Marenthe butterflies in her tummy. Illustrated typography is where happens.

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Home Decor

Marenthe is excited;

reeling from two inspiring courses led by one of the most respected illustration agents in the US, Lilla Rogers

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All printed and published

Marenthe is a prolific designer, illustrator and art director for magazines that matter. She climbs inside the client's mind to create the perfect image.

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Flowers, flowers, flowers

Straight from her wild imagination, Marenthe offers up a lush floral wonderland of pattern and colour.

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Creativity for brands

Whether a world wide empire, ambitious start up or talented individual, Marenthe reveals your personal and friendly alter ego. 

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People & animals

Sometimes she is hiding.

Sometimes he is invisible. Marenthe coaxes her characters out in an exchange - she invites them into our world so they can entice us in to theirs.

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Kids’ corner

For the (very) young

Published internationally, Marenthe's illustrations are where fantasy and reality collide. Everything is possible. Dreams are real. 

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Personal playground

Self-initiated projects and briefs

A special place for guaranteed creativity, vision and opinion. Experimenting always wins.

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