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Marenthe Otten

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represented by
Lilla Rogers Studio


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Marenthe’s TEN eye-catching stamps, d...

06 April 2017


What an incredible journey, I made it! I am the winner o...

10 November 2016
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Marenthe is interested in interesting people and interesting projects and the message that matters to you. Let her know about your needs and be inspired by the results.

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Illustration inquiries:

USA, CANADA, ASIA & AUSTRALIA: represented by Lilla Rogers Studio at
(+1) 781 641 2787 

THE NETHERLANDS: represented by Kajsa Blomberg at  -  (+31) (0) 6 22 40 39 55 

EUROPE: contact Marenthe at  -  (+31) (0) 6 31 044 644

Graphic Design inquiries:

Contact Marenthe at  -  (+31) (0) 6 31 044 644

Visiting address:

Koninginnegracht 20-21
2514 AB Den Haag 
The Netherlands
Phone: (+31) (0) 6 31 044 644

Postal address:

Sumatrastraat 231
2585 CR Den Haag
The Netherlands